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Kiera Clifford

Age and grade in school
Age 10 - 5th Grade at Indian Rock Elementary School
Highest level tested
Preliminary Free Skate - June 2010
Pre-juvenile Compulsory Moves - June 2010
Favorite skating jump  - Axel
Favorite move- Kick pivot
Current Skating music and level
I Love The Piano- Preliminary- That's Entertainment category
S' Wonderful/In the Swim- Tommy Tune - Preliminary Free Skate
2010 Competitions entered
 Keystone Winter Games
 May Day- Maryland
 Hershey Open  Competition
 Mid-Atlantic's- NYC
Favorite skater
Mirai Nagasu
Michelle Kwan
Advice to skaters
 If you think you can, you can, but if you think you can't you won't.
Dream- Shine- Believe
Outside Interests
Kiera likes playing the viola, reading, drawing and most of all hanging out with friends
You can email Kiera at kskatergirl14@aol.com)

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