Allison Delle

Age and grade in school
Age 12 - 7th grade- Northeastern Middle School- Northeastern School District
Highest level tested
Pre Preliminary Free Skate
Preliminary  Compulsory Moves
Favorite skating jump 
Favorite move
 Lay back spin, flying camel
Current Skating music and level
Princesses of Violin - Pre preliminary Freestyle
Dancin' in the Moonlight- Pre preliminary artistic 
2011 Competitions entered
 Keystone Winter Games
 Reisterstown Basic Skills 
White Rose Invitational
Favorite skater
Kanako Murakami (Japan) It is her first season on the senior level and she is really good for her age.
Advice to skaters
 Keep trying if you can't get something.  It will become easier and better as you progress. You WILL get it.
Outside Interests
Horseback riding on my three beautiful horses, swimming over the summer, reading 
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