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Executive Directors

President - Karen Clifford
Email Karen:  kcliff5178@aol.com

Vice President - Leanne Abugov
Email Leanneabugov@msn.com

Secretary - Brenda Hilty
Email Brenda:  bkayh1204@verizon.net

Treasurer - Gene Burton Jr
Email Gene:  g_burton@comcast.net

Board Members

Lin Huber
Email Lin:  huberstable@gmail.com

TonHu Vu
Email TonHu:  

Marc Pinto

Mychal Kiner
Email Mychal:  myakat3@yahoo.com

Gus Ziesman
Email Gus: gjziesman@newstandard.com

Denny Enfield

Office Address:
White Rose FSC
941 Vander Avenue
York, PA  17403
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Competition Committee

Chair - Rose Yingling

Hospitality - Linda Huber

Awards - Karen Clifford

Officials - Gene Burton Jr

Judges Gifts - TonHu Vu

Competitors Packet - Karen Clifford

Practice Ice - Leanne Abugov

Rink Operations - Marc Pinto

Program - Gene Burton, Jr.

Registration - Karen Clifford

Vendors - Mychal Kiner

Volunteers-  Karen Clifford

Officials Hospitality - Gene Burton, Jr

Membership Chair - Marc Pinto

Testing Chairperson - Linda Huber

Sanctions Chair - Gene Burton, Jr.

Webmaster - Marc Pinto

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